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Andrea Richardson

QHHT & BQH Practitioner, Holistic Hypnotherapist, Yoga Nidra Teacher


QHHT® by Dolores Cannon

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) allows people to access a part of themselves that holds all the answers. Some call this the Higher Self, the Over-Soul, or the Super Conscious. With QHHT®, clients can understand better why things are how they are — and ultimately create change within themselves.


Beyond Quantum Healing®(BQH) 

Beyond Quantum Healing is an intuitive, heart and mind coherence-based multi-dimensional modality using regressive hypnosis. It allows people to connect to their Higher Self or other sources of wisdom present. Sessions are a type of consciousness exploration, and often you can visit not only your past life but also a future life or parallel reality.


Holistic Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses the power of suggestion to encourage positive change. I will use relaxation techniques to help you reach a state where the conscious part of your mind is relaxed, and your subconscious part is more open to suggestion, followed by hypnotherapy techniques (where I ‘talk’ to your subconscious) to help encourage the change you’re looking for. Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to change unhealthy habits, eliminate limiting phobias, lose weight or deal with stress and anxiety.


Yoga Nidra Meditation Technique

Yoga Nidra is non-physical yoga, and it means yogic sleep. It is an ancient technique where my voice will lead you to deep conscious relaxation. Our senses, intellect, and mind relax in this state of deep sleep. When this happens, brain activity reduces, and the body goes into a trance and healing state. In yoga nidra, you clear up the toxins at a cellular level, refresh the mind and remove baggage from the subconscious.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I work intuitively, and you will find no time restrictions on how long we spend together in a session. You can expect my undivided attention to your problem, in a safe space, with a non-judgmental and open-minded approach. I will use my skills to find the best way to facilitate a direct line to your subconscious, to give you all the answers and healing you need.

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About me

Welcome to my site, beautiful soul. Nothing is a coincidence, and you are led here for a reason. Before I get to know YOU, let me introduce myself.

Discover the Healing Power of Past Lives Through Hypnotic Regression

I am a hypnotherapist specializing in regressions, which means going back to the past (inner child work) or even further back back back to your other lifetimes.

Past life regression is part of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), which helps so many people discover their soul's journey and purpose for this lifetime.

We work with the belief that your soul is reborn many times and that life is a school where you learn lessons and gain knowledge of each life you live.

Each time your soul is reborn, it can carry memories or wisdom into other lifetimes.


QHHT/BQH session can explain many problems you have, like, for example: why you might have a fear or dislike towards something, why you already know something you have never read about or studied, why you feel connected to a particular place you have never visited or a period from the past; or even when you feel related to someone you've never met or just met.


These things are sometimes called "déjà vu"; these typically can be linked to past lives. 

Clients come for many reasons, but mainly for the following:


Life's purpose


Relationship Issues


Health Issues - physical or mental


Family Dynamics


Spiritual Crisis

Working with Andrea was absolutely amazing, she is such a good listener and her voice is so calm and soothing. I had a very transformative session. I recommend Andrea to anyone seeking answers in their life.

Robert Z., Bremen

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