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Beyond Quantum Healing 

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a holistic healing modality that combines various elements of energy healing, hypnosis, and meditation to help you access your inner wisdom, explore your subconscious mind, and release emotional blockages.

​BQH works on the principles of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), a unique method Dolores Cannon created that aims to access the deepest levels of the subconscious mind.

BQH builds upon the foundation of QHHT by incorporating additional techniques and modalities to enhance the healing process.​ Candace Craw-Goldman, a Level 3 Practitioner and her long-time aide followed her heart  & intuition, and created this beautiful healing modality. As she explains in the post, the idea comes from one of Dolores Cannon's quotes in her book "Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth" to evolve her method further. 

In BQH sessions, I use a variety of tools, such as guided meditation, visualization, energy healing, and intuitive communication, to help my client to connect with their Higher Self, explore past lives, access inner guidance, and release negative patterns and beliefs that are holding them back.

BQH has a non-invasive and gentle approach to healing that can help clients gain clarity, reduce stress and anxiety, improve physical and emotional health, and enhance their overall well-being. 

BQH is a form of energy-based healing and consciousness exploration incorporating elements of quantum physics, meditation, and other metaphysical concepts. 

BQH sessions can be conducted in person or remotely. I will guide my client into a relaxed, meditative state and helps them to connect with their Higher Self and other sources of wisdom and guidance. The client needs to set an intention for the session and prepare a list of questions.


While both BQH and QHHT are forms of past-life regression hypnosis, there are some differences between the two methods:

  1. Technique: QHHT uses a specific process called the "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique," which involves guiding the client into a deep state of hypnosis and then asking questions to access the client's subconscious (Higher Self) for guidance and healing. BQH, on the other hand, is more flexible and allows the practitioner to use different techniques depending on the client's needs.

  2. Focus: QHHT primarily focuses on accessing past lives and exploring the client's current life purpose, while BQH is more holistic and uses various purposes, including past-life exploration, spiritual guidance, and physical and emotional healing.

  3. Training: QHHT practitioners are required to complete a much longer and more strict specific training program to become certified. In contrast, BQH practitioners can come experienced from various healing modalities and backgrounds, and there is flexibility in how we can lead the session using our skills and intuition. I am trained fully in both and love to combine my skills.

  4. Session format: QHHT sessions are generally longer and more structured, with a specific set of questions the practitioner asks the client. BQH sessions are more flexible and intuitive, and may vary in length and format depending on the client's needs. 

​I love both methods as they have unique advantages and bring the same results. As an ex-pat working with many fellow ex-pats, I appreciate having the flexibilty to offer online BQH sessions worldwide with anyone who needs it. 


I have had great success with BQH online sessions via Zoom. It is very safe and comfortable, and because we work in the quantum field, energy connection remains even when physically apart.


The client can often relax better in the safe space of their home without the stress and the cost of traveling. 

I invite you to book a free discovery call about the session context, pricing and how can I help you.

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