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What is hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, and it refers to any form of consciousness different from the normal waking state.


There are many misconceptions about hypnosis, so let me explain.


Our brain operates in various brain waves (please click here to open this great infographic my teacher Ally made).


We spend most of our waking time in the low or mid beta state - depending on what we are doing - work that requires high concentration, listening to a presentation, talking to people, planning, thinking, etc.. in the beta state, we use our conscious mind to complete our tasks.


The state below beta is alpha - your relaxed state and light trance. It happens naturally throughout the day when you "zone out" for a bit reading a book, watching adverts on TV, or going the same route every day (activities on autopilot), or when you meditate, daydream, finish a task and sit down, practice mindfulness. In hypnotherapy and yoga nidra, we work in this state of the brain - light or deeper levels of alpha state.


Alpha waves induce feelings of calm, increase creativity, and enhance your ability to absorb new information. In the alpha state, your conscious mind is quieter, and your subconscious is more accessible. This is how I can "talk" to your subconscious mind and "overwrite" behavior patterns, as these come from unconscious thinking loops. We give your subconscious new suggestions. It is a very relaxing experience. 


The next slower brainwave state is theta. You are in a deep trance; your body is sleeping, but your mind is still aware. You go to theta state naturally twice daily - just before you fall asleep and wake up. We work in a theta trance state in regressive hypnotherapy, QHHT, and BQH. In this realm, the magic of quantum healing happens, and it is effortless and natural for your mind, as you already know how to go to sleep. As a hypnotist, I talk to you, so to keep you in theta state and you don't fall asleep. It´s a state of profound relaxation where we can access memories stored in the subconscious mind from the past. At this stage, we can talk to you Super Conscious (or other words Higher Self)


Hypnosis is an effortless natural state of mind, and we go into hypnosis often during the day. Everyone can be hypnotized as long as they want it and allow it. You are in total control of your experience and can open your eyes anytime you want. 

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