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Mindful Awareness Programe

Mindfulness course - 8 weeks


What skills will you learn during the course?


Mindfulness is a skills-based course to reduce stressed mind, it teaches us awareness and switching from action mode to being mode.

To develop a better understanding of the workings of your mind.

To learn and try different types of meditation.

To recognize patterns / mental habits – and realise that there are alternatives.

To stand back a little from distressing thoughts and feelings.

To learn how to pause and respond instead of react to situations and people.

To recognise early warning signs of triggers and take helpful action when you spot them.

To put less effort into trying to ‘fix’ things and strive for results.

To be kinder and more gentle towards yourself, cultivate self - love and acceptance.


How the course works?


We meet 1:1 or in a smaller group once per week for 2.5 hours. Sessions normally begin with a meditation practice (e.g. attention to breath or body).

Reflection on experiences of the practice.

Feedback on experiences of home practice during the previous week.

Discussion of the theme of the session.

Another short meditation practice and/or cognitive therapy exercise.

Reflection on the practice / exercises.

Discussion of home practice for following week.

Opportunity to speak to me individually at the beginning or end of each session.


What does Home Practice involve?


Approximately 1 hour each day, over the 8-week course. You may need to reorganise other aspects of your life to fit the home practice in and talk to family or friends about what is involved. Experiment with practicing at different times of the day if you find things hard. As best you can, keep an open mind – you may notice that your experience changes from one day to the next and one week to the next. If things are difficult or something interferes with your practice – don’t give up. You can always start again (and again, and again!!).


What are the challenges?


At first, practicing meditation may feel strange or unfamiliar – as best you can, try to keep an open mind. It is not obvious at the outset which practices will be helpful – you may not see the benefits immediately –try and persevere, even if you find things difficult at first. People respond differently, at different rates. It can seem very daunting to be asked to practice for an hour a day. However, by endeavouring to do this you have the best chance of benefiting from the course. You may find yourself wanting to give up at times. This is common. Please speak to me to discuss any particular issues that are making it difficult for you.


During the course you may face emotional issues that you would prefer to avoid. Difficulties you might experience during meditation are often informative. You will learn a different way of responding to these difficulties


Who will teach me? Andrea Richardson is A certified mindfulness teacher, holistic and spiritual hypnotherapist, quantum healing practitioner and yoga nidra teacher.


Practicalities of the mindfulness course


It is important to try to attend every session, as the sessions build on each other. The course can be challenging - there may be times when you do not feel like coming -


You will have access to me from Mo- Friday 9 - 5 pm to discuss any problems you are experiencing.


Physical concerns can make people feel daunted – for example if you experience pain you may be worried about sitting still for long periods.


Please discuss this with me – it is always possible to adapt practices. Since the sessions involve spending quite some time sitting and also doing some simple yoga and stretching exercises, please dress comfortably and preferably in layers so that you can adjust for feeling warm or cool.


If you have your own yoga / exercise mat and blanket you are welcome to bring these along, otherwise mats, cushions, blankets, etc. are available here.

Apply for dates and prices available in 2024

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